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That time I was on a cruise 🚢

That time I was on a cruise 🚢

I have always been interested in travelling on a cruise, but I’ve never really though of what it meant to be ON a cruise.  When you think about it, the average age group cruise-goers are in their 50s, so how was it for someone in their 20s?

Here’s a few things I’ve discovered during my 3 days reposition cruise from LA to Vancouver.

  • you eat way to much
  • having a balcony is the best
  • they actually make amazing desserts
  • nothing beats the feeling of leaving the table without getting the bill after a fancy meal
  • unplug from the outside world and spend quality time with others (… a result of the “con” below)

There are some cons:

  • you can be delayed on a cruise

– while we were on our cruise, we had some unfortunate encounters with swells.  This made the whole cruise extra bumpy (and nauseating for some).  The captain had to slow down and

  • there’s a lot of waiting involved – especially at the beginning and end of the cruise
  • there’s no internet (unless you’ve got some serious addictions)

or an emergency… getting the internet on a cruise (reposition cruise at least) costs an arm and a leg.  Think 80 cents per minute.  And fingers crossed the internet loads fast there!  But this didn’t really bother me much.  It’s hard to disconnect nowadays without venturing out into the wilderness, and being able to do that in a comfortable setting, was quite refreshing.  We got to enjoy all the little things and hang out with each other without distractions (except maybe food) and actually getting some quality rest and technology detox.

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